Congratulations to Oink County Cookers for their outstanding performance at our very first Best Dam Barbecue Competition! We’re missing some of the placement information for 2005…but here is what we have.

And if you happen to have the official KCBS results sheets — feel free to send them our way so we can complete this page!

Fresh off their Grand Champion win last year, Oink County Cookers was awarded the title of Reserve Grand Champion! Please see below for the results in the overall challenge, as well as the Top 10 places in the individual competitions:

Overall Competition

  1. Oink County Cookers

Chicken Competition

  1. QN4U
  2. Susie’s BBQ
  3. Hombre
  4. Acadiana Cookers
  5. The Pit Stop

Ribs Competition

  1. Asleep at the Grill
  2. Burnt by the Best
  3. QN4U
  4. Susie’s BBQ
  5. Oink County Cookers

Pork Competition

  1. Oink County Cookers
  2. Mojave Hot Stuff BBQ
  3. Asleep at the Grill
  4. Otis and the Bird
  5. Burnt by the Best

Brisket Competition

  1. Oink County Cookers
  2. QN4U
  3. Burbank’s Bad Boys
  4. Asleep at the Grill
  5. Susie’s BBQ